Welcome to Yuto

What We Do

Yuto Australia is is the local arm of Yuto Technology a publicly listed company on the Shenzhen stock exchange (SSE), Head office in Shenzhen China with 52 manufacturing facilities globally.

We are a world leader in paper board and biodegradable pulp packaging with a strong emphasis in protecting the environment.


YUTO has made positive implementions to its environmental responsibility and social contribution in its rapid development. In accord with international environmental requirements, YUTO provides customers with a green printing solution, the establishment of energy plants using non-toxic ink, recycled materials and biodegradable materials, and regularly educating our employees with environmental awareness to reduce environmental pollution.

Yuto Printing Group is proud of its environmental credentials.

Green Printing

Our green printing initiatives include:

  • The use of non-toxic and recycled materials
  • FSC/COC certified materials,
  • Waste recovery,
  • Sewage treatment,
  • Low power consumption factories,
  • ICC & FSC/COC certificates
  • Yuto looks forward to continuing these initiatives to ensure that we remain at the forefront of environmental sustainability.


QR code, AR, invisible watermark, dot matrix, RFID tag are applied on the packaging through cloud computing, mobile Internet, Iot and other technologies, to collect the full life cycle information of the products. Thus the functions of anti-counterfeiting, track-trace, mobile marketing and branding are realized. This new business model gradually reduces the dependence on traditional tracking.


The concept of environmental protection is integrated into the whole product manufacturing process. While delivering the value of the package, we actively reduce the carbon footprint, to help customers to enhance their product image. The package meets the demand for not only structure strength and apparent performance similar to plastic package, but also quality of ISO, Europe and America standard, by developing 100% biodegradable materials.


Industry Awards

  • Four German Red Dot Awards of 2017
  • Three German iF Design Awards of 2017
  • Three United Nations WorldStar Awards of 2017
  • Two German Red Dot Awards of 2016
  • Two German iF Design Awards of 2016
  • Two Silver Awards of Pentawards of 2016
  • Three United Nations WorldStar Awards of 2016
  • One Gold Award of American Mobius Advertising Packaging of 2015

Certification System